Biocleaning Revolution

The Number One Washroom Complaint

Odour Cleanliness Correct Cleaning Products

Biological Cleaning Innovation

Biological action vs. enzymatic action vs. chemical action Environment-friedly vs. harsh & harmful Small amount of product vs. large quantities...

Biocleaning – Top 5 themes of 2020 … and it wasn’t all about COVID-19

With the disruptions of 2020 largely behind us, and the promise of a return to some form normality, the topics...

Worker missing the morning commute

The fundamental mistake made by cleaning companies

Living through the restrictions imposed by a local government to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus, a commuter holds on...

Hand sanitiser

Coronavirus – Evaluating the effectiveness of disinfectants and sanitisers

With the current coronavirus pandemic looking to drag on well into 2021 when the promise of a readily available vaccine...

Pleased customer

This unexpected approach surprises consumers

People are naturally guarded when dealing with sales and service personnel; constantly alert to forking out more money than necessary,...

Major Shopping Centre

Urinal blockages and constant bad smells

This one irritation has cost shopping centres thousands of dollars over time.

Complacency equals average

There’s another casualty of this pandemic … and it’s not all bad

The new reality that has been created by the current COVID-19 pandemic has seen a great deal of upheaval to...

Hands applying sanitiser

Hand sanitisers – How effective are they?

Who could have predicted that the world would run short on supplies of hand sanitisers by mid-March 2020? You simply...

Clearing a blocked drain naturally using biological cleaning solutions

Don’t resist the urge to purge

The natural response to clear a blockage in our digestive system is to purge the obstruction with water. Why should...

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