Biocleaning Revolution
Truly Holistic Approach

Truly Holistic Approach

People Investing in, and retaining the right people is one of the smartest business investments any organisation can make. As...

Comparison between different cleaners

Biological Cleaners vs. Chemical Cleaners

What are the real costs to your business of washroom complaints?

What are the real costs to your business?

Loss of Customers Reduced Profits Damaged Industry Reputation Strained Strategic Relationships At-risk Lucrative Contracts

Responding to change brought about by disruption

Responding to change brought about by disruption

Change has been the single biggest response to the disruption that has characterised life since early 2020; and fresh understanding...

Choosing Biological Cleaning Products

oils ain’t Oils

Not all cleaning products are the same … just like … ‘oils ain’t Oils’. This recognisable phrase was the successful...

Smelly Washrooms

Surprising sources of washroom odour

The sources of bad odour in public washrooms can be quite surprising. When asked, most people will point to toilets,...

How do you choose the best cleaning product out of the bunch?

As more-and-more people become alert to the chemicals we are exposed to in our homes, workplaces, and in the environment,...

The Number One Washroom Complaint

Odour Cleanliness Correct Cleaning Products

Biological Cleaning Innovation

Biological action vs. enzymatic action vs. chemical action Environment-friedly vs. harsh & harmful Small amount of product vs. large quantities...

Biocleaning – Top 5 themes of 2020 … and it wasn’t all about COVID-19

With the disruptions of 2020 largely behind us, and the promise of a return to some form normality, the topics...

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