Afraid of redundancy?

The mere mention of the word redundancy evokes fear. However, used in the right context, striving for redundancy is a positive approach to managing risk and change in facilities management.

Redundancy = Less

Especially where cleaning washrooms and general open spaces are concerned, building in redundancy utilising tailored holistic biological cleaning and treatment solutions will help:

  • lower labour costs,
  • reduce water usage,
  • prevent customer dissatisfaction,
  • cut unnecessary plumbing costs,
  • eliminate the need to replace assets,
  • lessen dependency on chemicals, and
  • assist in keeping valuable contracts.

A complete change in mindset is required to build redundancy into maintaining facilities. Simply retaining the status quo and trimming costs will not deliver the value that helps build trust amongst customers. In fact, it could be more costly in the long-term. By implementing biological cleaning solutions can cleaners deliver the very best outcomes that are ongoing and sustainable.

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