Crossing the divide – when fringe becomes mainstream

Remember when acknowledging the importance of conservation or energy efficiency caused you to be labelled as a greenie? Or if you are a vegetarian with concerns about animal welfare you were a ‘bit strange’ in a nation full of meat lovers? Or, going to a naturopath meant you were into ‘alternative’ healing or medicine?


Conservation and energy efficiency are now at the forefront of government legislation, education and building design, both commercial and domestic. Businesses and householders are increasingly embracing the need to conserve our natural resources and curb escalating energy costs.

Being vegetarian, or planet-friendly dining as it was recently referred to in an Australian Financial Review article, is also becoming more widely accepted. “Diners are more educated now,” says Julian Cincotta, head chef at the veg-focused Middle Eastern diner Thievery, located in the Sydney suburb of Glebe. “They consider sustainability, environment and health impacts when deciding the food they eat, which naturally leads to eating more vegetables.”

Alternative healing and medicine is now referred to as complimentary rather than alternative. This change in terminology speaks volumes about the shift in thinking. Who could have imagined a few short years ago that private health funds would be incorporating these previously alternative treatments into their schedules?


Mankind is said to have emerged 200,000 plus years ago, from the ‘cradle of civilisation’ in East Africa. The advent and usage of chemical cleaning products goes back around 80 years. Imagine how that looks on a timeline of human achievement?

For only a short time advocates of ‘biological’ cleaning products have been perceived as being on the ‘fringe’ of accepted industry practice. And yet ‘biologicals’, as they are often called, are a proven, safe, holistic, economical, sustainable and environmentally responsible cleaning solution. There is a revolution afoot, and it will be happening sooner rather than later. This will see biological cleaning products enter the mainstream, preferred over harmful, ineffective and expensive traditional approaches, and not just be another alternative.

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