Pest’s paradise – have you created the perfect environment for pests to survive and thrive?

One thing we know is that pests are many and varied in size and anatomy, from large land dwelling mammals, to the microscopic, and everything in between.

They all have one thing in common, that in order to survive and thrive, they require the right climatic conditions and a steady food supply; a ‘pest’s paradise’.

Know your enemy

Here is a concise definition of a pest from Wikipedia’s ‘Simple Biology’:

“It is an animal which harms humans or human concerns. It is a loosely defined term; it overlaps with the terms vermin, weeds, parasites and pathogens. In its broadest sense, a pest is a competitor of humanity”. Another definition goes on to say that it “has a harmful effect on humans, their food or their living conditions”.

In a recent blog titled ‘Birds, bees, blossoms and… drain flies. It must be spring!’, we shared extensively on the annoying and less than hygienic drain fly (or sewer fly) that can be found in washrooms and food prep areas, breeding and thriving in the slimy gunge that lines waste outlets.

In another blog; ‘Why our gut and drains are the same?’; we examined how a biological cleaning approach can break down organic waste, and create a well-balanced and healthy drainage system, free from odour and blockages, and certainly not a habitat that pests would thrive in.

If we asked a group of people what their idea of paradise is, no doubt there would be a variety of answers. If we look at holiday brochures, and even Google images of paradise, it is portrayed as clear blue skies, tranquil pools, and sandy beaches with palm trees, plus sumptuous food and drink. Yes, that is the common view of a little piece of paradise right here on earth for us humans.

For pests on the other hand, the picture would be quite different. What we know is that the climate and food source are the two things that all pests rely on. Only in some circumstances can we can control the climate. If the area of concern is outside in a waste disposal or bin area, there is little we can do. Equally if it’s within a climate controlled space, such as a washroom, or a kitchen within an office complex, shopping centre, or even a domestic situation, we are limited by external controls.

What can we control when it comes to pests?

If we cannot regulate the climate, there is one thing that we can control – the food source. Yes, we have the power to eradicate the food source, and this should be our primary objective. Take charge of the things you can control, and stress less about the things you can’t.

Biological cleaning solutions are the most effective way to deal with the food source and habitat, that are a ‘pest’s paradise’, while maintaining a healthy environment, and minimising the harmful effect on humans. The harmful effect on humans comes initially from the pest infestation, and then potentially from harmful cleaning chemicals used in an attempt to eradicate them.

When you are addressing pest control issues, consider these effective Biological Cleaning Solutions:

Bio Blocks

Bio Cleaner

Bio Clear 10X

Drain Solution

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