Generally associated with medical or health issues, this proverbial expression reaches into all aspects of our lives: health, wellbeing, and including safety.

Think of it as “PROACTIVE versus REACTIVE”.

It’s no coincidence that motor vehicle manufacturers have ‘scheduled maintenance’ periods, either in kilometres or time; exceed the recommended service/maintenance period and you risk voiding the warranty, or you simply have to pay more for the maintenance provided.

In aviation, all aspects of aircraft maintenance are geared around a ‘PROACTIVE’ approach, based on the amount of flying hours. If this were not the case, none of us would ever want to step onto an aircraft again!

Can you imagine life if everything was reactive, not proactive?

In the motor vehicle and aircraft industry examples, it’s not just about safety, but peace of mind and cost control.


PROACTIVE                                        REACTIVE

Easier                                                  Complex

Cost Effective                                     Expensive

Relaxed                                               Stressful

Safe                                                      Risky

Instills trust                                         Raises doubt

Aircraft maintenance maybe the extreme, and certainly has far reaching consequences when things go wrong, but in our day to day lives prevention, or a pro-active approach, is essential in making our lives easier, cost effective and relaxed.

Maintenance as defined by the Business Dictionary states:

Activities required or undertaken to conserve as nearly, and as long as possible, the original condition of an asset or resource while compensating for normal wear and tear.

What is your maintenance or contracted services approach?

What do you consider when preparing or reviewing a tender related to the maintenance of your asset or facility?

What process do you have place to ensure the maintenance schedule that you have promised, or have been promised is implemented?

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