Pub, Hotel And Club Toilet Smells

Pub, Hotel And Club Toilet Smells


People believe the smell always comes from the urinal or the drains. In fact most odour comes from surfaces such as walls and floors that are contaminated and not cleaned with the environmentally- friendly ‘active’ products.

The Bio-Cleaning Solution means you can use ONE product to do most of the cleaning not FOUR. That means you use less chemical for better results.  Clean everything except mirrors.

Bio-Cleaning permanently removes odours – there’s no need to mask with chemically-based perfumed products.

Bio-Cleaning simplifies the whole cleaning process:

    •   1 main cleaning product
    •   Simple cleaning regime
    •   Guaranteed results
    •   Safe to use

Difficult staining in grout is removed gently,  no acids are used. It’s safe and effective.

Bio-Cleaning delivers the very best green cleaning solution. It’s built into everything the cleaner does.

Bio Cleaner can be used on:

    •   Floors
    •   Walls
    •   Toilet Bowls
    •   Cubicle walls
    •   Basins
    •   Floor drains

Bio Blocks
Bio Cleaner


Shopping Centres, Retail Malls, Railway Stations, Airport Terminals, Theatres, RoadStops, Theme Parks, Stadiums, Schools

These locations are normally cleaned out-of-hours. In some instances there is scheduled touch-up cleaning. Normal chemical cleaning will not deliver sustained odour management throughout the day.

Bio-Cleaning Solution will deliver the results expected of proper cleaning that stands up in high activity washrooms.

A holistic solution

incorporates the following elements:

  1. Main clean incorporates full biological clean process
  2. Touch-up cleaning incorporates targeted biological clean application using a flat mop system
  3. Tailored washroom services
  4. Scheduled preventative maintenance

RoadStops systems are often based on  septic treatment.

Careful product input control must be followed to ensure the system is not damaged. Bio-Cleaning delivers the correct inputs to maintain the satisfactory performance of all septic systems.


  • Comprehensive odour management
  • Higher customer usage satisfaction
  • Reduce incidence of pipe blockages
  • Maintaining good hygiene standards
  • High environmental value

Bio Blocks
Bio Cleaner
Bio Clear 10X

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