Bio-cycle Septic System Smells

Bio-Cycle Septic System Smells


The old and the new – both still need to have bacteria added to the system.

The old concrete tanks had aggi’ pipes distributing the effluent.
The new have an aeration component that assists in maintaining a higher bacteria population – it’s a local treatment plant of sorts.

The Bio-Cleaning solution uses system-safe products, delivers odour management both inside the residence and in the system itself. It’s holistic.

All waste traps are treated with biological products
Toilets are cleaned using biological cleaner
Periodically seed the system with a bio-seeding product
Grease traps (if in line) add bio product daily via the kitchen

• Maintain a healthy system
• Odour free system
• Environmentally sensible solution
• Lower maintenance costs
• Extend the period between emptying
• Reduced organic loading performance

Bio Cleaning & Treatment can be used on:
Urinals, WC bowls, Walls, Floors, Drains, Traps


Bio Blocks
Bio Cleaner
Bio Clear 10X
Drain Solution



Grease traps are the source of continuous unpleasant smells. Pipes often get blocked and must be emptied regularly. Local Government and Water Authority Regulations normally apply.

Grease traps are often emptied early in the morning to minimise the problem of lingering offensive odours. In basements this smell stays around most of the day and creates an unpleasant environment for both staff and customers.

The Bio-Cleaning solution uses biological cleaning and treatment to deal with all inputs into the grease trap from source, providing regular dosing of bacteria into the influent content.

It can also be used to treat the tank prior to emptying to reduce the problem of offensive odours

An holistic Solution
incorporates the following elements:
Uses bioenzymic cleaning of floor surfaces
Elimination of caustic cleaning products
Daily dosing of input pipe work
Periodic seeding of tanks especially after emptying
Scheduled tank emptying and cleaning

• Comprehensive odour management
• Reduce incidence of pipe blockages
• High environmental value
• Reduction in flies


Bio Clear 10X
Drain Solution
Micro Clean

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