Blocked Kitchen Pipes

Blocked Kitchen Pipes


How many chemicals do you use to clean washrooms? Are there 4 or more? More often than not the floor cleaner could have a disinfectant ingredient – kills the bacteria at a moment in time then the smell comes back.

The Bio-Cleaning Solution means you can use ONE product to do most of the cleaning not FOUR. That means you use less chemical for better results.  Clean everything except mirrors.

Bio-Cleaning permanently removes odours – by dealing with the source problem – there’s no need to mask with chemically-based perfumed products. The bacteria create the enzymes – 24hrs a day.

Bio-Cleaning simplifies the whole cleaning process:

    •    Cleans surfaces & drains naturally
    •    Simple cleaning regime
    •    Guaranteed results
    •    Safe to use

Difficult staining in grout is removed gently, no acids are used. It’s safe and effective.

Bio-Cleaning delivers the very best green cleaning solution. It’s built into everything the cleaner does and used on:

    •  Floors & Walls
    •  Toilet Bowls
    •  Cubicle Walls
    •  Basins
    •  Floor drains

Bio Blocks
Bio Cleaner



People often think the smell comes from the drains. Some times there are correct. What do you look for?

Where’s the problem?

    •    Multi-storey buildings HVAC pressurises the building & a drain can become dry – smells fill the washroom (B C, D S)
    •    Showers rarely used in the lower levels of buildings (D S)
    •    Kitchen drains containing fats and other organic waste (D S, B C10X)
    •    Kitchen sinks & waste disposal units (D S)
    •    Urinal waste pipes with a deep water P-trap (B B, B C)

Bio-Cleaning Solution will deliver the results to fix the problem by adding the right bacteria to the environment to treat and eliminate the source problem.

If a drain is found to be slow flowing, prior to calling a plumber, biological treatment and prescribed flushing can assist to remediate the problem. Incorporating a biological treatment can reduce the risk of re-occurrence significantly.


    •    Comprehensive odour management
    •    Higher customer usage satisfaction
    •    Reduce incidence of pipe blockages
    •    Maintaining good hygiene standards
    •    High environmental value

Bio Blocks
Bio Cleaner
Bio Clear 10X
Drain Solution

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