Inputs To Black & Grey Water Plants

Inputs To Black & Grey Water Plants


The common solution to dealing with odour control in  vehicle cassette units has been formaldehyde based products. Not a safe option for a number of reasons due to the toxicity of formaldahyde.

Ferries and large charter boats have onboard sewage tanks and often have smelly toilets.

Bio-Cleaning solutions deliver a 100% result in these applications and also provide a simple, environmentally-friendly approach to cleaning and treatment using products containing selected strains of bacteria.  It’s a natural cleaning and treatment regime that works 24hrs a day.

Bio-Cleaning uses similar processes to the probiotic bacteria we take to replenish the essential bacteria our bodies need to maintain good inner health.

Bio-cleaners can be used on:
    •    Floors
    •    Walls
    •    Toilet Bowls
    •    Cubicle walls
    •    Basins
    •    Floor drains

For RV cassettes use 1 sachet after emptying. Marine applications require seeding with BioClear 10X or RF Toilet & Commode Liquid.



Bio Blocks
Bio Cleaner
Bio Clear 10X
Royal Flush Biological Toilet Sachets
Royal Flush Toilet & Commode Fluid



Black Water Plants are being installed in modern multi-storey building to maximise savings through the re-use of water for toilets. The system consists of a primary tank which collects the waste from toilets and treats it with a biological product to reduce the organic loading. Further processes filter and disinfect the liquid for reuse.

It’s critically important NOT to harm the initial biological processes.

Bio-Cleaning solutions provide the essential biological content to assist the first stage treatment.

An holistic solution
incorporates the following elements:
• Cleaning processes using biological products
• Comprehensive Odour Management regime
• Allows tailored washroom services

The Benefits
* Protects the integrity of the Black Water System
* Environmentally sensible cleaning
* Comprehensive odour management
* Reduce incidence of pipe blockages
* Maintaining good hygiene standards

Bio Blocks
Bio Cleaner
Bio Clear 10X
Drain Solution

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