Sweet smell of success – you can be victorious over odours

We’ve all heard people say that when they arrive at a destination there are smells that are quite reminiscent. When travelling in a foreign country, or visiting a friend locally, a childhood holiday spot, or even returning to Australia after a time away, we are surrounded by smells that we instantly connect with.

When the aircraft door opens, people say they were swept away by the smell of spices in the air, or arriving on a tropical island, the ozone of fresh rain mingled with frangipani. Think of travelling through the forests of Australia, and the cleansing smell of eucalyptus surrounding you.

Over the centuries, perfumers have gone to great lengths to emulate and blend fragrances that occur in nature – a sweet smell for some, and an irritant for others.

More recently, cleaning products have been laden with chemicals attempting to emulate fragrances to mask the effects of nasty odours that occur in washrooms, around homes with pets, and possibly even teenagers.

Earlier this year we shared a well-written and considered article by the ABC titled ‘When others abhor the scent you adore’. One of the issues highlighted in the article is that many of the chemicals found in fragrances can cause asthma, skin rashes, hay fever, migraine, nausea, and a range of other unpleasant symptoms. And for around 30% of the population they induce negative reactions that can be quite debilitating, even to the point of lost work days.

Several fragrances used in cleaning products are only masking the source of the odour, and you can still smell the odour in the background. Back in the 1990’s Jerry Seinfeld (stand-up comedian) said that toilet air freshener should be renamed “highlighter”.  We’ve all been in that situation.

The solution is simple: – Eliminate the odour at its source

In another post ‘Prevention is better than cure’, Facilities Managers were encouraged to be on the front foot and seek a proactive; rather than harmful and short-term; approach to the maintenance of the assets and amenities.

If there’s a way to eliminate odours at the source, without causing discomfort to users of the facility through heavily perfumed and environmentally compromising chemicals, why wouldn’t consumers adopt that approach? There are proven solutions available right now, and consumers have the right to make an informed choice.

Biological cleaning products are highly effective and environmentally responsible. They work by degrading organic soiling to completely eradicate stains and odours.

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