The fundamental mistake made by cleaning companies

Living through the restrictions imposed by a local government to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus, a commuter holds on to the shower rail in his bathroom at home at the exact time that he would normally catch the train to work. Absurd? At least it’s funny.

However, that is exactly what can happen to a cleaning company during this extraordinary time … doing the same thing and expecting different results. Just like this regular commuter trying to mimic the ‘same-old-same-old’ and not really going anywhere, cleaning companies may not grasp the opportunity to revise and reset the way in which they attack odour issues and general cleaning challenges in normal times.

Agile businesses have used this period of ‘marking time’, where the lack of large numbers of people in shopping centres, office high-rises and stadiums have meant that there is less cleaning work to do, to re-examine their approaches to their cleaning regimes and odour management. This is the perfect time to test new solutions that provide long-term benefit with less effort and using a fewer number of cleaning chemicals that are also more friendly to human health and the environment thereby adding true value to sustainability.

Biological cleaning solutions attack the source of odour-causing bacteria by removing the ingrained organic waste that causes it. And because the friendly bacteria in these cleaning products keeps producing enzymes that constantly breaks down organic waste over time, the natural balance on surfaces and plumbing is restored; much like using a probiotic to restore optimum intestinal health.

Isn’t it the perfect time to test the long-term effectiveness of biological cleaning solutions to help streamline the cleaning process so that valuable time and resources can be directed to other cleaning tasks? Doesn’t it make sense to use the opportunity of reduced number of users in washrooms, and large public open spaces to trail a solution that deliver lasting benefit? Why wouldn’t you use this time to condition plumbing so that it can handle the odour issues associated with increased numbers? What value can be added to the solutions that are submitted to facilities and property managers; an opportunity to impress and build that strategic support relationship and deliver long tern business sustainability?

Proven results and lasting benefits ultimately solve all the odour and cleaning challenges faced by large facilities every day. And when it includes water savings, asset protection and lower overall cost, as well as the need for less cleaning chemicals, the bottom line also looks healthier. The evidence is overwhelming, and the numbers don’t lie. Ready to implement small changes that can produce quantifiable results?

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