The real cost will surprise you

Most consumers, when comparing the cost of two seemingly similar products, will typically choose the cheaper option. In reality however, one quickly discovers that there are hidden costs associated with choosing a cheaper solution that ultimately far outweighs the supposed bargain at the time: “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.” And urinal mat solutions are no different. There are literally hundreds of cheap alternatives available on the market, and none come anywhere near the compound cost savings of a refillable bio block urinal mat system.

Most often mats are employed in wall-hung and trough urinals to help reduce the odour that lingers around these troublesome washroom areas. They are also used to capture debris before it enters the drain which can ultimately lead to blockages. At best however, they simply mask the problem and does not address the source of the odour, namely the build-up of uric scale deposits in-and-around the urinal, and especially the drainpipes. This leads to increased effort and time needed to clean these areas resulting in higher service fees. Also not factored in at the time of purchasing these cheaper perfume mats is the avoidable expense of having to hire plumbers to clear blocked pipework sooner than expected.

A biological urinal mat system is a premium solution that is far superior to plain perfume mats, and even enzymatic perfume mat combinations. This is because they keep overall cleaning costs and unnecessary future plumbing expenses to a minimum. They slowly release friendly bacteria into the urinal and drain environment over time, thus maintaining a perfectly balanced biome, much like the probiotics we take to sustain gut health. Combined with a holistic approach that also targets the walls and floors surrounding these urinals, a continuous layer of protection is achieved which feeds on odour producing bacteria thereby eliminating odour. Only a biological solution can achieve such sustained results, long after the enzymes and perfume has stopped working. An additional benefit is that landfill is cut down because of a lessened need to replace spent perfume mats and enzymatic dosing combinations. Instead, consider block holders that are able to be reused further eases pressure on the environment.

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