Truly Holistic Approach


Investing in, and retaining the right people is one of the smartest business investments any organisation can make. As we emerge from the disruption of the last 18-months, one of the most challenging issues for businesses around the country is not just finding staff, but especially hiring people with the appropriate skill-set and experience. After securing the right people, some of the key areas cleaning and services businesses will have to focus on will be to increase the knowledgebase and professionalism of salespeople, operations managers, technicians, and frontline cleaning staff.


People everywhere are now well-educated about our impact on the environment. Not all products and services are genuinely environmentally friendly as being asserted. Many organisations happily make claims in the hope that they will be left unsubstantiated. Furthermore, there are two other areas that warrant consideration to determine if a product or service meets ‘environmentally friendly’ criteria: the first being recyclability. Many cleaning products for instance are packaged in single-use plastic containers. Also, not many solutions offer plastics that can be re-used with a minimum of fuss for a very long period. Secondly, most cleaning products and services do not deliberately aim to improve the environmental credentials of buildings and facilities.


Simplified and proven approaches will lead to long-term asset protection. Adopting a proactive approach will take the stress out of ongoing asset management, shorten cleaning timelines, eliminate unnecessary contact with harsh and hazardous cleaning chemicals, and reduce costs over time. Ultimately prevention is better than cure and it instils trust in customers.

In conclusion

Finding agile staff with a strong focus on serving the needs of their clients helps build a cohesive team that will weather any future disruptions. Identifying all aspects that make a solution truly environmentally friendly will make it an attractive choice when clients seek to tick all these boxes. And something as practical as a daily purge of lukewarm water following a biological treatment will help cultivate a proactive approach that will protect your assets for years to come.

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