Washroom smells – Eliminate the source

When walking into any washroom, one of the first things that you tend to notice is the smell of the room, whether pleasant or off-putting. The general approach with washroom services and janitorial businesses is to mask the smell using perfumes and to attack the perceived source of the smells; urinals and toilets; with harsh chemicals in often vast quantities. This approach is not just unnecessarily harsh, but also doesn’t address the problem at the source, and produces unintended consequences such as higher costs and need for ongoing maintenance. This unbalanced environment, that is the product of reactionary cleaning practices, only addresses the problem temporarily, while being harmful to the environment.

Biological cleaning approaches on the other hand, gets rid of the problem at the source, and produces an environment favourable for producing the enzymes necessary to continue to break down the offending organic wastes. A simple and holistic cleaning regime using biological cleaning products eliminates bad washroom odours and helps maintain a healthy plumbing system, much like using good bacteria for a healthy digestive system.

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