What are you going to do?

At the junction of deciding on the best tender response?

Past surveys have shown that the cleanliness of public toilets is perceived as being the most important challenge facing facilities managers because they are so difficult to maintain. When asked, they replied that they wanted a solution that works the first time, followed by sustained results over time.

When submitting a tender for cleaning services or providing a response to a persistent washroom issue, will you play it safe, or will you consider a solution that have demonstrated long-term results? Have the approaches you have employed until now produced the desired outcomes or are you willing to move to innovative products that has proven to meet several economic and environmental requirements?

At the junction of having to make important decisions, many leaders will revert to the safety of previous methods coupled with some minor adjustments, regardless of its past effectiveness. Instead, what should be used, is a detailed assessment that incorporates all the different observational skills to try and identify the root causes of stubborn washroom problems. After having identified the sources of the problem areas correctly, it ought to be followed by a tender response that delivers the best solution with deliberate ongoing support.

What do you do if chemical cleaners have failed to do the job?

Have you been using the right solution to tackle the problem until now? Have you been asked to demonstrate water savings as part of your tender response? Have you considered using biological cleaning solutions where existing traditional approaches have failed?

Why not start by taking into account what is currently being used to mask the problem. Para blocks; which is also a health and environmental hazard; is one of the most often used ways to hide lingering odour. Perfume mats that do nothing other than freshen the air is another tell-tale sign. Sticky floors and an overwhelming chemical smell are an indication that bleach has been used to conceal stains. Blocked urinals reveal that there is a build-up of uric scale in drains and pipes.

Putting biological cleaning solutions to work

In contrast with less effective traditional chemical products, using biological cleaners is a holistic approach that is both proactive and works long after harsh substances and enzymes have stopped working. This is because it contains specially selected beneficial bacterial strains that continue to multiply in the presence of odour producing organic waste.

Creating a point-of-difference

Rather than defaulting to the ‘same-old-same-old’, why not consider a biological cleaning solution that delivers quantifiable value to the client. Only a premium solution will deliver immediate results with long-term benefits. This builds trust whilst ensuring continuing profitability. And coupled with exceptional service delivery results in customer retention that guarantees longevity.

In conclusion

Your best ally is a knowledgeable and agile supplier who is an expert in their field. Such a supplier will be able to clearly illustrate the value of their solution via verifiable case-studies.

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