Would you jump in the trench?

“The rarest commodity is Leadership without ego”. This is a challenge for every individual enabling them to put their position in perspective; to have the opportunity to change the culture – ‘positively’; within the organisation in which they work.

Managers and leaders are not one and the same. Bob Davids is a remarkable individual who is able to define the difference between managers and leaders and has successfully put this into practice over 30 years; through many successful businesses.

What does it mean to ‘Jump in the trench’?

Hear what Bob Davids has to say in less than 3 minutes. He defines true leadership more concisely than you may ever have heard.

Irrespective of where we sit in the company ‘tree’, we are each answerable to someone, and vice versa. Who would you be willing to jump in the trench for?

Company owners and boards have CEO’s, CEO’s have managers, managers have staff or employees, employees have clients and co-workers. Equally, each of our companies has suppliers and contractors, looking after our needs.

Are you willing to jump in the trench and lead by example?

Are you willing to “do as I do”, not just “do as I say”?

Link – Full TEDX Talk by Bob Davids

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